American vs. European Manufacturing Drawings

Cost efficiency in a disruptive market. Research outsource opportunities for future cooperation’s
August 13, 2018

You are successfully manufacturing your products in the domestic market and you think about the company’s future as your goal is to increase revenues and profits to create growth. One way to accomplish this is to expand your geographical market.

Being in the manufacturing industry you have fabricated products in the domestic market for many years. One of the options to explore is where to manufacture your product, should I produce domestically or work with a foreign manufacturer?
Good communication with your overseas manufacturer increase your chances for a smooth production process.

Two of the biggest differences between the American and European Manufacturing Drawings are the projection of the manufacturing drawings and measuring unit system.

In Europe, they adopted the First Angle Projection (ISO standard) and Metric System of Measurements while America adopted a different method the Third Angle Projection and Imperial System of Measurements.

CAD, engineers are able to manipulate an object’s views and can alter it to first or third angle, or any projection view and change the system of measurements for that matter.

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