Precise project solutions for your product

Outsourcing time-consuming tasks allows you to focus on your core business. Hiring an independent specialist means you can concentrate on your area of expertise.

Being able to spend more time focussing on your core business will not only increase productivity, but will also help you deal better with great responsibilities. A team of specialist independent contractors will take on time-consuming tasks that distract you or your employees from your core business. This way, you can spend the time earned on developing strategic initiatives.


• Convert (old) 2D drawings to 3D models including corresponding working drawings
• Idea and concept development
• Translate concepts to a functional 3D model
• Make changes to existing drawings
• Project development and prototyping
• Create as-built drawings
• Make exploded views of 3D models (eg for manuals)

Looking for a strategic partner for your time-consuming tasks?

2D Drawings & 3D CAD Modelling


3D CAD models for product design, plastic moulds, component adaptation and welding seams, as well as sheet metal parts and casts.

CAD Drafting

2D/3D CAD drawings for assembly, sheet metal, adaptations and casts. CAD conversion services for sheet metal parts, production, tool design, aluminium sheeting and other metal products.

3D Modeling

2D drawings, 3D assembly, 2D drafting, paper to CAD conversion, sheet metal modelling, 3D rendering and animation, CAD data translation using SolidWorks.

Reverse Engineering Services

Create new designs or recreate existing product designs based on existing ones. Reverse engineering can speed up product development, reduce risk, save time and increase productivity.

Part-time CAD Technicians

No need of a full-time CAD technician

The perfect solution when you don’t need another CAD technician on your pay-roll, but you do need help to get the work done.

No obligations or commitments

Freelance technicians, working alone or through a contracting agency, will demand a certain commitment from your company.

We are a team of CAD experts

With S-D Solutions you don’t just hire a part-time CAD Services Technician, you also profit from the knowledge and experience of our entire team.

Advantages of a part-time CAD technician

Cheaper than hiring a full-time employee, and no long-term commitments.
No minimum contract fee.
Back-office support from our entire CAD team, including all our CAD libraries.