Structural calculations

Technical drawings

The engineers of S-D Solutions provide the technical drawings and structural calculations for the installation of telecom sites for the mobile network of the various telecom operators.

The core activities include designing, drawing and construction calculations. Giving constructive advices as well as performing stability calculations (e.g. second opinion) of telecommunication sites and towers.

Construction en structural calculations

• Calculating and checking structures and materials in accordance with the applicable standards and regulations, including the National Annex and Euro - EN codes;
• Dutch National Annex NEN-EN;
• Detailing of structures and parts;
• Performing Audit calculation (Second opinion);

Technical drawings

• Design and revision drawings with 2D and 3D software programs;
• Elaboration draft designs, detailed drawings and construction drawings;
• Process mutations of sites (sites and towers);
• Checking drawings;

- Telecom
- Construction en structural calculations
- Technical drawings

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