About us

Your Dutch partner for the Serbian market

S-D Solutions sees opportunities where others only see challenges. We offer straightforward solutions for cost effective engineering services without making concessions to the quality of our services.

"We put together a team of engineers that can quickly anticipate to the needs of your company.”

As a CEO or business owner, you’ll often find yourself performing a bit of a balancing act to keep everything running smoothly. In addition to your daily duties, those small tasks can become a real time drain. We’re all well aware that time is money and so our first urge might be to hire someone in-house to handle specific tasks or projects. But this might not be the most effective solution. After all, there are costs involved in hiring a professional to fit a very specific role. And maybe the amount of work may not justify a new permanent hire.
“This initiative enables us to work with the company in an extremely flexible way”

By relying on the most talented pool of engineers, you can concentrate on what you do best, without having to worry about unnecessary overhead costs and the challenges of constantly recruiting and hiring people for small tasks.

Our mission is to help businesses realise their goals and help them grow, by offering reliable assistance when needed. With our innovative solutions and services, your business can adapt faster, easier and more flexible to fluctuations and changes in the market.

Our values

—   Transparency

We work and communicate in clear and straightforward ways, which is one of the traits our clients appreciate most. Deals should be transparent and always result in a win-win situation.

—   Open communication

You can always expect a clear and honest answer or advice from us. We are passionate about working with people who are open-minded and communicate freely.

—   Professionalism

We are professionals in everything we do, and cooperate with businesses and individuals who are highly dedicated to their professional goals.

—   Flexibility

Both the market in which we operate and the people we work with demand high levels of flexibility. Our ability to adapt ensures that we realise the success we strive for.

Your business opportunities in Serbia

—   Why choose Serbia?

Its strategic and central location in the Balkans make Serbia the perfect country for businesses that are looking to relocate or expand their activities to Eastern Europe. The complex history of Serbia as a nation has shaped the outspoken and stoic nature of the Serbians, creating strong family bonds with a deep sense of tradition, whilst also fuelling innovation and creativity. Serbian engineers and companies are successfully expanding their businesses and collaborations on the global market. Being in the same time zone as most European countries works in the Serbians’ advantage, especially when it comes to outside contracting.